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#JunkTerrorBill E-mail Protest

Please help demand our congressmen to say NO to the Anti-Terror Bill.

This site will help you create an email and contact your representatives in a few clicks.

It only takes 5 minutes to help save our democracy. 🇵🇭

If you've already sent an email and want to contact them thru social media, click here:

List of FB/Twitter links

Read more about Anti-Terror Bill (junkterrorbill.carrd.co)

Step 1: Select Recipients ({{ selectedRepsEmails.length }})

Please limit to a max. of {{ maxRecipients }} recipients to avoid limits.

Step 2: Create E-mail

Step 3: Send E-mail

This button will open your default mail app and automatically copy the e-mail template you made, including the recipients.

Then you can send the e-mail from there.

NOTE: If possible, login to a dummy Gmail account in the app first to protect your privacy. It will only take 2 minutes to create!

Open e-mail app

If you just want to copy-paste the e-mail template and send manually, click this button to open the template again.

You may use burner email accounts such as http://guerillamail.com.

Step 4: Copy E-mail Template

Thank You!

Thank you for doing your part to save our country's freedom.

If you have more time, you may also send them a message on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please share this site to your friends and encourage them to take action as well.

Here are some more resources regarding the Anti-Terror Bill and ways you can help.

More information on how to contact congressmen and senators in this Google Sheet.

You may also follow or contact us on Twitter: @hacktibista

Good luck and stay safe!

Contact via Social Media Pages

Copy the message template above and send it to their FB or Twitter page. Please do this at your own risk—use a dummy account if you do not trust them:

  • Voted Yes {{ rep.name }} ({{ rep.district }})
    Twitter N/A